(UK Hip-Hop) Teknical Development.IS - Discography (with Figub Brazlevic, Man Of Booom) (9 Releases) - 2013-2018, MP3, V0-320 kbps

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Teknical Development.IS

Жанр: UK Hip-Hop
Страна исполнителя (группы): UK
Год издания: 2013-2018
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: V0-320 kbps
Продолжительность: 04:38:39
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: нет
Продолжительность: 00:57:16
01. Intro
02. Ninjaz In The Mist (ft. Christmaz & Tesla)
03. Till The Beat Won’t Stop
04. We Are HipHop (ft. Noritsu)
05. The Still Picture
06. Beyond The Drums
07. Gang Of Trees (ft. Noritsu)
08. The Afterlife (ft. Rob Really & BadFX)
09. Too Many Pictures
10. 3 Wonderers
11. The Everyday Headnod (ft. Mic Donet)
12. Alone At The Broken Home
13. Wild Flowers (The Musical) (ft. Rob Really)
14. A Monkey Called Nature
15. Poetry Is Movin’ (ft. Noritsu)
#777Продолжительность: 00:45:40
01. Move With Us (feat. Bad FX & DJ Educut)
02. Take a Flight (feat. Noritsu)
03. The Terradome (feat. DJ Educut)
04. Memories & Flowers (feat. Tesla Alset)
05. Nothing to Forgive (feat. Ora Solar & Derkalavier)
06. Short Before (feat. Tesla Alset)
07. Strictly 4 All (feat. Wanja Janeva)
08. Build Together (feat. Bad FX, Tesla Alset & DJ Educut)
09. You Want It... You Got It (feat. Wanja Janeva)
10. Weed Flower Pot Heads (feat. Tesla Alset & DJ Educut)
11. Blind Fire
12. (Drum) Pattern of the Strange (feat. Spacekonsta)
#777Продолжительность: 01:06:50
01. Introoom
02. Back To The Booom
03. Catch The Beat
04. Bathroom Blues (Skit)
05. Howeedoo (feat. Maniac)
06. Headnod Jazz Compadres (feat. Madame Fleur)
07. B.O.O.M
08. Elevator Jazz Trouble (Skit)
09. Booom Steppers (feat. Sandra Amarie)
10. Sneaky
11. Moment Of Truth (Skit)
12. From Now To Then (No Words Can Explain)
13. Electro Baggypant (Skit)
14. Fire In The Air (feat. Rob Real & DJ Hypercutz)
15. No More Comebacks
16. Rock'n'Roll Neighbourhood (Skit)
17. Booom This Way!!!
18. Get Out (feat. Madame Fleur)
19. Melody Spells (feat. DJ Scratch Dope)
20. Backstage Stories (Skit)
21. Circus (Feel The Booom)
22. Booomstrumental #1 (feat. Madame Fleur) (7" Bonus)
23. Booomstrumental #2 (7" Bonus)
24. Booomstrumental #3 (7" Bonus)
25. Booomstrumental #4 (feat. Madame Fleur) (7" Bonus)
#777Продолжительность: 00:18:30
01. Next Step
02. The Spoken Weight
03. Natural Devices
04. A Song For Henry
05. Mirrors Of The Spirit Charmer
06. Shane And I
07. The Light Never Hides
08. Who?s Listening?
#777Продолжительность: 00:27:00
01. Broken Circles
02. Learn Teach
03. Lost My Mind (Cuts by Culpa)
04. Sparkles
05. Keep It Moving
06. Low Vibe (Cuts by Culpa)
07. Fair Balance (Saxophone by Phillip Dornbusch)
08. You and I
#777Продолжительность: 00:25:08
01. Line Jumpers
02. Lodestar
03. Michael
04. Focus
05. Any Kind Of Flight
06. No More
07. Who Got The Jazz
08. Power
#777Продолжительность: 00:22:26
01. Taking It There
02. Arc
03. Sinister (underachievers)
04. Knocking
05. Tunnel Vision
06. Say No More
07. Fight Your Power
08. Pitch Black TekNina
#777Продолжительность: 00:08:24
01. Architek
02. Architek (Instrumental)
#777Продолжительность: 00:07:21
01. Message 101
02. Message 101 (Instrumental)
A member of Hip-Hop groups Obba Supa, Omniverses and Man Of Booom.
LearnTeach and Think.Create.Live is a way for people to express self and to communicate through learning and experiences what ever it be in life and who ever you be.
This is Teks channeling point and msg throughout his lyrical content.
The London born Emcee, made his debut release with Hey!Zeus.I as musical duo Obba Supa with the LP “To:AM/Free:AM” in 2009.
Following this Obba Supa released LP’s Audio Alchemy 2009, For:AM 2012, Beyond Reality 2013 and most recently the EP Windows Into Dark Objects (W.I.D.E) 2015
2009 he met Berlin based producer and co founder of Krekpek Records Figub Brazlevic. Keeping good relations they finally worked on a full LP named
The Everyday Headnod. This was officially released in December 2015. The positive delay on the release of this album was due to meeting JuJu Rogers Berlin based Emcee.
Introduced to Tek through Figub they began working on what would be a feature for The Everyday Headnod LP.
This turned into more songs steering into the direction of a separate LP. Few days passed and we had a complete project.
Together we formed the group Man Of Booom and in the same year released our Back To The Boom LP on SichtExot Records.
Man Of Booom have toured heavily with the Back To The Boom LP.
Tek and Figub release of The Everyday Headnod LP
allowed them to continue touring for the next year all over Europe.
They filmed a number of videos for this LP that can be found online. When they are not working together they both keep busy with other projects. They now have some following that is still consistently growing.
2015 Omniverses released their first EP digitally called
How Emcees Really Educate (H.E.R.E.)
2016 it was released on limited vinyl edition by German based label HHV. The group consist of fellow emcees Bad FX, Vague, and Merklnn. Along with Hey!Zeus.I these bunch have be together since the beginning.
Throughout Teks recording career he has appeared on countless
features both UK and internationally.
2016 on Dezi Belle Records he released the 1st of 8 EP’s
part of a volume collection “The 8”.
Each EP will have 8 tracks on and each EP will be produced by a single beat maker.
The 1st of The 8 volumes was produced by Radsch, released on January 15 2016 (100 limited vinyl) and The 8 Vol.Two produced by B-Side released on July 15 2016 (100 limited vinyl).
The 8 series will continue and be released as and when they are written. Ongoing project.
Доп. информация: Bandcamp
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