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Yung Joc (Дискография)

Настоящее имя: Jasiel Robinson
Родился: April 2, 1984
Локализация: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Деятельность: Rapper
Лэйбл: Bad Boy South, Block Entertainment, Atlantic Records
Годы релизов: 2006-2007
Стили: Southern Rap, Pop Rap
Аудио кодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320kbps
Продолжительность: 2:00:05
Jasiel Robinson (born April 2, 1983), better known by his stage name Yung Joc is a Grammy Award-nominated American rapper from College Park, Georgia.
Yung Joc is also featured on the songs "Show Stopper" by Danity Kane (from Diddy's Making The Band 4) & Cassie's album track Call U Out. Despite the rumors, he is not related to rapper Young Jeezy.[1] Yung Joc is on 2006 "Forbes' Richest Rappers List", ranking at #20, having grossed approximately $10 million in 2006
New Joc City
Yung Joc was discovered by Russell "Block" Spencer after gaining fame in Atlanta with "It's Going Down" and "I Know You See It." In 2006, Yung Joc released his debut album New Joc City. The first single, "It's Goin' Down" charted at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the Hip Hop chart. This single was produced by Nitti. A video was released on youtube. His second single, "I Know You See It" charted at #17 on the top 100 chart. His third single, "1st Time" was less successful. This song features Marques Houston and the video version added Trey Songz. Guest appearance on the album included Boyz n da Hood, Marques Houston, and many others. It is certified platinum, selling a million copies in the U.S.
Yung Joc was featured on other artists' singles including Danity Kane's "Show Stopper", Lil Boosie's "Zoom", and T-Pain's "Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin')". Yung Joc released his second album, Hustlenomics, on August 28, 2007. Guest appearances included The Game, Jim Jones, Bun B, Young Dro, Gorilla Zoe, Trick Daddy, Diddy, and Jazze Pha.
Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood
Yung Joc plans to release his third studio album Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood on Swagg Team Entertainment under Jive Records sometime in 2009. The album title references his legal name.[3]
Business deals
He owns two automobile-related companies, as well as a sunglasses line which will be debuting soon called Claudio St. James. Joc and his father will work together to manage the sunglasses line. Joc has also been said to have a new record label through Jive Records, called Swagg Team Entertainment. This label will see the debut from Chicago group Hotstylz; their first single will be "Lookin Boy".[4]
Christian Influences
On March 23rd, 2008, Yung Joc appeared at the Exodus tour event. At the event Yung Joc gave his testimony about being a Christian. He went on to say, "I'm not trying to be a preacher, but God is real in my life." The event was coordinated and sponsored by Corey "CoCo Brother" Condrey, who hosts a radio show called "The Spirit of Hip-Hop," which tries to bring rap and gospel music together to promote Christianity. [5]
[edit] Personal Life
Yung Joc has a son he has spoken about few times in songs but no mother has been announced.
Main article: Yung Joc discography
* 2006: New Joc City
* 2007: Hustlenomics
* 2009: Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood
* BET Hip-Hop Awards
o 2008, Hip-Hop Video of the Year ("Get Like Me") with David Banner & Chris Brown [Nominated]
o 2006, Hip-Hop Video of the Year ("It's Goin' Down") [Nominated]
o 2006, Hip-Hop Track of the Year ("It's Goin' Down") [Won]
o 2006, Rookie of the Year [Nominated]
o 2006, Hip-Hop MVP of the Year [Nominated]
o 2006, Best Live Performance [Nominated]
* Grammy Awards
o 2007, Best Rap Song ("It's Goin' Down") [Nominated]
* MTV Video Music Awards
o 2006, Best Rap Video ("It's Goin' Down") [Nominated]
* Ozone Awards
o 2007, Best Rap/R&B Collaboration ("Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin')") with T-Pain [Nominated]
Yung Joc "New Joc City" 2006
Релиз: June 6, 2006
Лэйбл: Bad Boy South
RIAA Certification: Platinum
Продолжительность: 54:56
1. "New Joc City (Intro)"
2. "It's Goin' Down" (featuring Nitti)
3. "He Stayed In Trouble (Interlude)" (featuring A.D "Griff" Griffin)
4. "Do Ya Bad"
5. "Don't Play Wit It" (featuring Big Gee of Boyz N Da Hood)
6. "Excuse Me Officer (Interlude)" (featuring A.D "Griff" Griffin)
7. "Dope Boy Magic" (featuring Nicholas "Play Boy Nick" Smith, Corey "BlackOwned C-Bone" Andrews & Chino Dolla)
8. "Patron"
9. "Flip Flop" (featuring Cheri Dennis & Boyz N Da Hood)
10. "I'm Him"
11. "Hear Me Comin'"
12. "I Know You See It" (featuring Brandy "Ms. B" Hambrick)
13. "Yung Nigga (Interlude)" (featuring A.D "Griff" Griffin)
14. "1st Time" (featuring Marques Houston & Trey Songz)
15. "Knock It Out"
16. "Picture Perfect"
Yung Joc "Hustlenomics" 2007
#777Релиз: August 28, 2007
Лэйбл: Bad Boy South, Block Entertainment,Atlantic Records
RIAA Certification: -
Продолжительность: 1:05:09
1 "Hustlenomics (Intro)" 2:46
2 "Play Your Cards" 3:55
3 "Coffee Shop (feat. Gorilla Zoe)" 4:08
4 "Bottle Poppin (feat. Gorilla Zoe)'" 5:00
5 "Hell Yeah (feat. Diddy)" 4:30
6 "Cut Throat (feat. The Game, Jim Jones & Block)" 5:25
7 "Hustlemania (Skit)" 2:45
8 "I'm A G (feat. Bun B & Young Dro))" 4:32
9 "BYOB " 3:14
10 "Pak Man" 4:16
11 "Gettin' to da Money (feat. Mike Carlito & Gorilla Zoe)" 3:14
12 "Brand New (feat. Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross)" 5:45
13 "Livin' the Life (feat. Southerngirl)" 4:20
14 "Momma (feat. Jazze Pha)" 3:53
15 "Chevy Smile (feat. Trick Daddy, Block & Jazze Pha)" 4:28
16 "Hustlenomics" 3:06
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